William F. Claxton
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William Claxton (shown here working on the set of the TV series "High Chaparral") seved as both a producer and director of numerouse "Little House" episodes from Seasons 1 - 7.
Personal Information
Birthname: William Francis Claxton
Birthplace: Los Angeles County, California, CA, U.S.
Deathplace: Santa Monica, CA, U.S.
Occupation: Film/Television producer, editor, & director
Years active: 1940-1988
Series Information
Job on/with series/film: Director / Producer
Appeared on/involved with: Little House on the Prairie
First involved with/appeared in: "Country Girls" (Season 1)
Last involved with/ appeared in: "I Do, Again" (Season 7)
Episodes involved with/appearances: 68 as director, Seasons 1-7
37 as producer, Seasons 4-7

William F. Claxton (born October 22, 1914 - died February 11, 1996) was a California born director, producer and film editor who both directed and produced many episodes of Little House on the Prairie from Season 1 through season 7.


William started out as a film editor with Edward Small Productions in 1940. Claxton's first directorial work was "All That I Can Have" (1951)[1], he spent much of the 1950s with 20th Century-Fox's Regal Pictures subsidiary.[1] Though Mr. Claxton's film film credits are extensive, he is best remembered for his work on television.

His television work began with a longtime stint as the producer and director of the syndicated Christian religious anthology TV series "This is the Life", which was a favorite of longtime friend Michael Landon's,[1] Claxton also directed much of Landon's work such as Bonanza and Highway to Heaven. Additionally, he worked on Bonanza: The Next Generation that aired in 1988.[1]


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