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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm an administrator of this wiki. I've been a Little House fan since 2005 when I joined my Mum watching the show. What originally attracted me to the show was it was history 'made fun'. I now enjoy the show because it has brilliant characters, stories with a rich variety of themes, a lovely setting, great score, superb direction, brilliant acting and more.

My favourite character is Mr. Edwards who is superbly played by Victor French, I also like Nels Oleson a lot- Richard Bull is awesome and Laura played beautifully and with heart by Melissa Gilbert. However, I enjoy EVERY other character (even guest characters and the like). I think a sign of a good series is if you can like the entire cast.

I'm only here every now and then as of the past year as I have become quite busy. If you need help send me a message on my talk page and I'll try and respond asap, I'm still learning about the Wikia format myself however. Better yet send a message to Phil who is very knowledgeable on a lot of things for the Wiki.

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