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This template adapted from wikipedia is used to create citations to news articles in print, video, audio or web. It is implemented and maintained for historical reasons mainly because many articles use it.

Use it sparingly. In many cases it is not worth reading up all the parameters to use it. It is simpler to just type in the citations manually following the Chicago style.

All fields must be lowercase.

Copy a blank version to use. Remember to use the "|" (pipe) character between each field. Please delete any unused fields to avoid clutter in the edit window. This template is based on Template:Cite news at Wikipedia.

Full version (copy and paste text below and delete parameters you don't need)
{{cite news |first= |last= |author= |coauthors= |title= |url= |format= |work= |publisher= |id= |pages= |page= |date= |accessdate= |language= |quote= }}
Most commonly used fields (or you can use this and not have to delete as much)
(This assumes English, HTML format, with today as access date)
{{cite news |author= |coauthors= |title= |url= |work= |publisher= |date= |accessdate=2021-01-25 }}

Common Usages

Common form with author(s) in a single parameter

Day Month Year
{{cite news |title= |author= |url= |newspaper= |date= |accessdate=25 January 2021}}
Month Day, Year
{{cite news |title= |author= |url= |newspaper= |date= |accessdate=January 25, 2021}}

Common form with first and last names of authors

Day Month Year
{{cite news |title= |first= |last= |url= |newspaper= |date= |accessdate=25 January 2021}}
Month Day, Year
{{cite news |title= |first= |last= |url= |newspaper= |date= |accessdate=January 25, 2021}}


Using first and last for author's name

{{cite news |first=Cassandra |last=Jardine |title=The return of the secondary modern |url=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/3621779/The-return-of-the-secondary-modern.html |location = London |work=The Daily Telegraph |date=5 August 2004 }}

No author but sourced to a news agency

{{cite news |title=Drugs: Chips trader gets 15 years, 10 strokes |url=http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news.cfm?NewsID=48660 |work=Daily Express |location=Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia |date=29 March 2007 |agency=Bernama }}

The authorlink parameter exists to link to article about the author on Wikipedia but should not be used here

The authorlink parameter does not work here because, obviously, it sets up a link on this local site to an article about the author which most likely will not exist on this wikia. You will end up with a red link unless you wish to create an article about this author. See wikipedia:Template:Cite_news/doc for an example.

Using |format= parameter when not HTML. No need to use |location= parameter because "New York" is already in name of paper.

{{cite news |work=The New York Times |title=State Prison Treatment |date=4 February 1883 |url=http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?_r=1&res=9503E3D71631E433A25757C0A9649C94629FD7CF |format=PDF }}:* "State Prison Treatment" (PDF), The New York Times, 4 February 1883. 

Using page to identify the reference by page; news item in library but not on line

{{cite news |first=Arthur |last=Reed |title=Four-rate plan in air-fare 'jungle' |page=3 |date=9 December 1976 |work=The Times |location = London }}
  • Reed, Arthur. "Four-rate plan in air-fare 'jungle'", The Times, 9 December 1976, p. 3. 

A foreign-language news article

{{cite news |author=Joliet, François |title=Honni soit qui mal y pense |date=30 April 2005 |language=French |work=Le Figaro |location=Paris |trans_title=Shame on Those Who Think Evil }}
  • Joliet, François. "Honni soit qui mal y pense", Le Figaro, 30 April 2005. (in French) 

Using archiveurl and archivedate to refer to items that disappeared from newspaper's own website but are now available from an archive site

{{cite news |author=Achenbaum, Emily S. |title=Freedom lost, without a trial |work=The Charlotte Observer |url=http://www.charlotteobserver.com/109/story/47573.html |date=11 March 2007 |archiveurl=http://web.archive.org/web/20070419112159/www.charlotteobserver.com/109/story/47573.html |archivedate=19 April 2007 }}
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