Standish Saloon-Hotel is a location that stands in North Dakota, right in the middle of the big town of Winoka, in this lives the cruel Mr. Standish who is the Owner of the Saloon-Hotel.


Standish with his Son Jeb in them, he destroying later with a Firework his Father Hotel. As the Rich Toby Noe looses a Pik Game with Standish the Olesons, Garveys and Ingalls return then with Albert to Walnut Grove. A Time later Standish closed the Blind School and Charles must returns to Winoka faces Standish for a last Time taken Mary, Adam and the Children of the Blind School to a long Journey back to Walnut Grove who there stands a new Blind School.

As long as we´re Together Part 1

The Ingalls, Garvey and Oleson families settle in the town of Winoka, where they meet the cruel Mr. Standish.

As long as we´re Together Part 2

The former residents of Walnut Grove try to adjust to life in the city of Winoka. Charles and Caroline managing the Dakota Hotel: Nels, Harriet and Jonathan are working in the saloon, and Alice Garvey begins teaching school to the poor children of the town in a stable since the only other school in town is an expensive private academy.

The Winoka Warriors

Charles convinces Albert to attend the livery school, with Jonathan as Football Coach, Albert and the livery school's Football Team challenge the undefeated private academy's Football Team.

The Man Inside

Laura makes friends with a shy classmate, but winds up jeopardizing the friendship when she makes fun of an obese man, not knowing he is the girl´s father.

There's no Place like Home Part 1

After Laura is blamed for daring something to Miles Standish´s son, Charles begins to dislike the city of Winoka, and Caroline sees this and says that he does not have to stay. As Toby Noe gambles away all his winnings, the Ingalls are convinced to move back to Walnut Grove along with the Garveys and the Olesons.

There's no Place like Home Part 2

The Ingalls and their family and friends returns to Walnut Grove along with Albert who wanted to go as well, only to find the town in a state of disrepair and disgruntled, disabled Lars Hanson who had been made a cripple by a stroke. It is up to the townspeople to rebuild Walnut Grove and to rekindle the spirit of both the town and Mr. Hanson.

Blind Journey Part 1

The Church Council in Walnut Grove finally vote to accept Joe Kagan as a member of the church against Mrs. Oleson's wishes. The late Mr. Hanson has willed his large house to the Church in Walnut Grove, and after the School for the blind in Winoka has to Close by the cruel Mr Standish. The Congregation in Walnut Grove agree to the suggestions that the House become a new School for blind.

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