Sam Galender
Personal Information
Sex/Gender: Male
Job/Career: Conman
Series Information
Played by: Geoffrey Lewis

Sam Galender is one of the brothers in the Galender trio, who arrive in Walnut Grove in the episode, "The Bully Boys". When they arrive in Walnut Grove Sam and his brother George Galender go over to Oleson's Mercantile and restock their supplies on the promise that they have a banknote on the way and assure Nels and Harriet that they'll pay them.

Later they head over to Hanson's Mill, and purchase a load of lumber originally cut for Bert Henderson on the same promise on the banknote coming, Lars is skeptical but agrees. After purchasing the lumber, they sell it to Bert Henderson for a few dollars less.

A few days later, they notice Caroline Ingalls on her way to the merchantile and rudely accost her. When she attempts to leave, George physically detains her, causing her to spill the eggs she was carrying and flee in a panic. Charles Ingalls, infuriated that they touched his wife, visits Sam and George at their home and attacks them. Charles is overpowered; however, and is found unconscious and injured in his wagon by Isaiah Edwards. That Sunday at the church, Robert Alden and the other townsmen escort the Galender brothers out of Walnut Grove, allowing the brothers to take only the things that they brought with them.

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