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Royal Wilder husband to Millie wilder, father of Jenny Wilder, Rupert Wilder, Myron Wilder, brother to Eliza JaneAlmanzo and Pearly Day Wilder.

And in Episode 811: A Christmas They Never Forgot

Royal on his death bed.

Book Character

In the Little House Book Series, Royal first appears as the older, sometimes bossier, brother of Almanzo in Farmer Boy. Almanzo and Royal, as Mr. Wilder's only sons, work hard on the farm. Royal, the elder, attends school and was later a storekeeper in De Smet, South Dakota. Almanzo attempts to hide his seed in Royal's store during The Long Winter, but Charles Ingalls sees where the seed is located and takes some for his starving family. Almanzo sees the reason in this and helps the town in a larger way than he would have thought possible.

TV Character

Like the books, Royal was Almanzo's elder brother, however in the Little House on the Prairie TV series Royal was not as bossy as his counterpart in the books but instead he is more caring and polite towards his family. When Royal found out that he was dying he wanted his brother Almanzo and his wife Laura to have custody his only daughter Jenny.

Behind the Scenes

Season 7, Episode 6: The Nephews, played by Woody Eney. 

Season 8, Episode 11: A Christmas They Never Forgot, played by Dago Dimster. 

Season 9, Episode 1-2: Times Are Changing - Part I-Times Are Changing -Part II, played by Nicholas Pryor.