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Rose Wilder was the daughter of Laura and Almanzo Wilder. Rose was the niece of Royal Wilder, Eliza Jane Wilder, Mary Ingalls Kendall, Carrie Ingalls, and Grace Ingalls. She was the adoptive niece of Albert Quinn Ingalls, James Cooper Ingalls, and Cassandra Cooper Ingalls. She is the granddaughter of Charles Ingalls, Caroline Ingalls, and Almanzo's parents. Rose had a younger brother who was unnamed and died a week after birth. She is also the cousin of Adam Kendall Jr. (deceased) and Jenny Wilder.


Laura and Almanzo found out that they were having a baby in I Do, Again. Rose Wilder was born in Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow. At the time, her father Almanzo was bitter and angry at his paralysed condition following a stroke. The first thing Rose heard her father say was, "Good thing it isn't a boy, can't play ball with your son when you're a cripple" (Episode 817: Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (Part 1), (Episode 818: Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (Part 2)). After a while, Rose became a daddy’s girl, gaining the nickname Rosie Posie. Her mother, Laura, loved her more than anything, going to great lengths to protect her. Rose liked to be held and would sometimes cry just for that reason.

Rose with her Grandfather Charles

Apart of her parents, Rose was loved by her grandparents, Charles and Caroline, who have no other living grandchildren. Uncles and aunts, on both her parents’ sides, and cousins have expressed that they could not wait for Laura to finally have her baby. Jenny watched Rose a lot when Laura and Almanzo are busy. Shortly after the death of brother, baby Rose became very ill and had to be taken to Doc Baker, despite Laura's objection as she blamed him for the death of her son. She eventually healed and forgave him (Episode 918: A Child With No Name).

Rose was kidnapped in Bless All the Dear Children by a woman whose baby had just died. Laura and Almanzo both searched everywhere for their daughter, and with the help of Mr. Edwards and an orphan boy, they found her (Bless All the Dear Children). She was still a toddler when the TV show ended. In the TV movie, her age possibly ranged from one to four years old.


Laura was inspired to name her daughter "Rose" when she recalled Cassandra bringing her a rose the day before she and Almanzo were talking in bed before she was born, and before Almanzo was injured (Episode 818: Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (Part 2)).