Percival Dalton
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Jewish Americsn

Eye color


Hair color

Light brown


Benjamin Cohen (Father), Edna Cohen (Mother), Nellie Oleson Dalton (Wife), Jennifer Dalton (Daughter), Benjamin Dalton (Son), Harriet Oleson (Mother in law), Nels Oleson (Father in law), Willie Oleson (Brother in law), Nancy Oleson (Adoptive sister in law)


Nellie Oleson


Restaurant manager, Storekeeper

Behind the scenes
First appearance:

623: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Part 1)

Last appearance

722: The Lost Ones (Part 2)

No. of episode appearances:


Appeared on/in:

Little House on the Prairie

Played by:

Steve Tracy


Percival Dalton is the husband of Nellie Oleson.

Born into a Jewish family and named Issac Cohen, he chose to escape his family tradition and create a life for himself, renaming himself as Percival Dalton.

As a gift for finishing school, Harriet and Nels surprised Nellie with a restaurant, and Percival was soon hired to teach Nellie how to manage it. Nellie still had a mean disposition at first, but Percival eventually got her to change her old ways. He told her how it was going to be and she grew up and looked at Percival as a strong man as opposed to "shortcake". Nellie fell in love with Percival and tried everything to win him over; including walking with her knees bent to try to look shorter than him. Of course, he thought she was making fun.

Finally, Percival fell in love with Nellie and chose to marry her, much to the chagrin of Nellie's Christian mother and Percival's Jewish parents.

Percival and Nellie had two children; Jennifer and Benjamin Dalton. Percival's father passed after soon after, and in result, they moved to New York so that Percival could run his father's store.

Behind the scenes

Steve Tracy, the actor who portrayed Percival, died in 1986 of AIDS-related causes.

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