Luke Simms was the son of Adam Simms and the step-son of Miss Beadle. He had a brief love interest with Nellie Oleson, in which they got married without their parents consent in secret. They moved into a hotel in order to elope without distraction. The temporary union brought out the better and sweeter nature of Nellie who seemed to change while they were together.
A Luke in school

Luke Simms in School

When Mr. Simms found out about it, he found out where he was and burst in on them and dragged his disobedient son out in his underclothing stating that he was too young for marriage. When Mr. and Mrs. Oleson found out about the marriage, they forced Nellie out of the marriage as well for the same reasons as Luke. (Episode 412: Here Comes the Brides)

Luke and his family would later leave Walnut Grove when the town faced difficult economic times.

Behind the scenes

Luke Simms was played by Bob Marsic.

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