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Little House on the Prairie: Season 9 is a DVD box set that includes all of the episodes from season nine of the Little House on the Prairie television series. In the United States, original episodes from the season aired from September 27, 1982 to March 21, 1983.

It was released in region one format on November 1, 2005; it has not yet been released in region two. This was also the lowest ranked season of Little House, charting it at number 28.[1]

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Season notes

  • The Ingalls family (apart from Laura) leave Walnut Grove and move to Iowa.
  • The Carter family moves into The Little House on Plum Creek.
  • Laura and Almanzo adopt Almanzo's niece, Jenny, following the death of his brother, Royal Wilder.
  • Mr. Edwards adopts a young mute boy named Matthew Rogers. However later on Matthew leaves to live with his birth father.
  • Charles and Albert return to Walnut Grove to help Albert get rid of a morphine addiction.
  • The birth and death of Baby Boy Wilder.
  • Laura and Almanzo move into the huge house of a widower and turn it into a boarding house.
  • Willie marries his classmate Rachel Brown.
  • Nellie Oleson returns to Visit Walnut Grove.

Principal cast

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Season 9: A New Beginning (1982–1983)

When Michael Landon decided to leave the show, it was renamed, the focus was put on the characters of Laura and Almanzo, and more recurring characters were added. Landon did, however, stay on as executive producer, and wrote and directed occasional episodes as well.

Season 9 episodes
No. in series No. in season Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production code
183 1 "Times Are Changing (Part 1)" Michael Landon Maury Dexter September 27, 1982 8451
In the spring of 1887, Charles, having suffered a hard winter and wanting to pursue a promising life, has moved the Ingalls family to Burr Oak, Iowa. He completes the sale of their homestead to the Carter family from New York, and is given a farewell party by his friends. John Carter is the new town blacksmith and his wife Sarah starts a newspaper, the Walnut Grove Gazette

Four months later, Laura announces her resignation from Walnut Grove School to raise Rose at home and introduces the kids to their new teacher, Etta Plum. Almanzo's brother, Royal, arrives with his daughter, Jenny, and with a devastating secret: he is terminally ill and the true reason he is visiting Walnut Grove is to give Jenny a chance to get to know Laura and Almanzo, who will become her adoptive parents.

184 2 "Times Are Changing (Part 2)" Michael Landon Maury Dexter October 4, 1982 8452
The Carters, including their sons Jeb and Jason, adjust to life in Walnut Grove, but Jenny has a hard time doing so after her father dies. She blames herself and Laura for her father's death, saying that she should have been told that he was ill. After Reverend Alden assures her that she will see her parents again in heaven, Jenny tries to drown herself to join them, but Jeb conquers his fear of water and dives in and saves her. Then Laura teaches Jenny a 'tough love' lesson on the importance of life, like Charles had done for her. 
185 3 "Welcome to Olesonville Paul W. Cooper Maury Dexter October 10, 1982 8454
Mrs. Oleson finds an old Walnut Grove Bearer Bond and, claiming that she is owed over $14,000 in unpaid interest, uses it to have the town renamed Olesonville. However, when she wants her compliant husband elected as mayor, she encounters unexpected opposition from some of the town's oldest inhabitants.

186 4 "Rage" B. W. Sandefur Maury Dexter October 18, 1982  8456
A farmer named Mr. Stark is denied a loan at the bank and soon goes bankrupt. He flies into a terrible rage and shoots his wife and daughter, and takes off. The citizens of Walnut Grove organize a posse to track him down, but, as they are searching for him, he chances upon the Wilders' house, and Laura and Jenny must rely on their wits to escape from a dangerous situation.

  • Guest stars: Robert Loggia, Tammy Lauren, Ronnie Scribner 
187 5 "Little Lou" WrittenBy=Michael Landon DirectedBy=Victor French October 25, 1982 8453
A widowed circus man and young father named Little Lou (Billy Barty) makes a promise to his wife to quit the circus and move to Walnut Grove to try to make a living after his wife dies during childbirth. 

He interviews for a job at the bank, but a prejudiced Mrs. Oleson refuses to do business as long as he is employed there. Jobless, Little Lou begins stealing from the Mercantile to support his baby daughter. Just before he is set to go on trial for theft, Nancy falls down a well, and Little Lou is the only one who can reach inside to save her. Mrs. Oleson realizes how wrong she was and gets the charges dropped against Lou, who gets the job at the bank.

  • Note: An episode of Bonanza, titled "It's a Small World", had a story with a similar theme to this episode. Both episodes were written by Michael Landon. 
188 6 "The Wild Boy (Part 1)" Vince R. Gutierrez Victor French November 1, 1982 8457
Dr. McQueen (Anthony Zerbe), an unscrupulous traveling medicine man, visits Walnut Grove to sell his elixir and promote his sideshow attraction, the "Wild Boy", a wild-looking boy in a cage who goes mad when McQueen beats him with a stick for the entertainment of his customers. 

When the Walnut Grove children sneak into the tent and Nancy pokes the boy with a stick, Jenny defends him. Later, the boy escapes and takes refuge in the Wilders' barn. Jenny finds him there and befriends him, and she discovers he is not really wild, only mute and tortured, and that his name is Matthew Rogers (Jonathan Hall Kovacs). Then Almanzo and Laura discover Matthew is regularly beaten by McQueen and given morphine elixir. While they try to keep Matthew safe with Mr. Edwards, McQueen posts a reward for the boy's return, which Nancy hopes to claim. 

189 7 "The Wild Boy (Part 2)" Vince R. Gutierrez Victor French November 8, 1982  8458
Laura has taught Matthew, Jenny and Mr. Edwards sign language and Matthew has become accepted by many of the adults and children of the town. However, Nancy, whose mind is focused on the large reward, leads McQueen to Mr. Edwards. This initiates a custody battle between McQueen and Mr. Edwards.  The judge initially decides to have Matthew placed in a mental hospital for his protection, but after a heartfelt and tearful speech by Mr. Edwards, he allows Matthew to stay with him in Walnut Grove as long as he keeps it quiet. 
190 8 "The Return of Nellie" Don Balluck Maury Dexter November 15, 1982 8459
Nellie returns to Walnut Grove, and most of her family try to make it the best visit ever. But what will happen if Nancy does not get the attention she normally gets?

191 9 "The Empire Builders" Larry Jensen Joseph Pevney November 22, 1982 8460
The railroad is coming to Walnut Grove, and with it the promise of jobs and economic growth. But that joy turns sour when the townspeople learn the side effects: the railroad needs property easements, forcing many farmers from their homes, and plenty of ill repute to boot. 
192 10 "Love" Paul W. Cooper Victor Lobl November 29, 1982 8462 
Jane (Jill Schoelen), a childhood friend of Laura's who attended the blind school, visits Walnut Grove and falls in love with Mr. Edwards. He encourages Jane to have a new surgical treatment which restores her sight, and her feelings for him do not change when she sees he is much older than her. Mr. Edwards also loves Jane, but he faces hostile opinion in town, and when Laura is reluctant to offer her unqualified support for their love match, he rejects Jane and she leaves town. 
193 11 "Alden's Dilemma" Don Balluck Maury Dexter December 6, 1982 8461
A traveling minister is planning a surprise for Rev. Alden; he is arranging a house for him in Walnut Grove. But this truth does not come to light until Rev. Alden concludes his congregation is planning to leave him. 
194 12 "Marvin's Garden" Michael Landon Michael Rhodes January 3, 1983 8463
An aging doctor (Ralph Bellamy) is losing his sight and knows he will soon have to retire. Meanwhile, Jenny nearly drowns while looking for her locket in the lake. Her brain is partly damaged and she is unable to walk, talk and use her hands. Dr. Marvin convinces Laura to let Jenny help him with his garden to rehabilitate. She turns out to be his last patient.
  • Note: The main theme to this episode's original score would later serve as the theme music to Michael Landon's next series, Highway To Heaven
195 13 "Sins of the Fathers" E. F. Wallengren Victor French January 10, 1983 8464
Sarah Carter's imposing father visits Walnut Grove, demanding they move back to New York City. Sarah will not listen and she is finally allowed to stay with her family in Walnut Grove.

  • Note: Victor French and Dean Butler do not appear. 
196 14 "The Older Brothers" Michael Landon Victor French January 17, 1983  8455
Mr. Edwards, and later, Almanzo and John, become mixed up with the criminal activities of a bumbling gang of outlaws.

  • Notes: An episode of Bonanza, titled "The Younger Brothers' Younger Brother", had a story with a similar theme to this episode. Both episodes were written by Michael Landon.
  • Guest stars: Geoffrey Lewis, Robert Donner, Timothy Scott 
197 15 "Once Upon a Time Don Balluck Maury Dexter January 24, 1983 8465
At Almanzo's urging, Laura enters a writing contest and produces a novel about the Ingalls family which Almanzo and Jenny love. After travelling with Jenny to Minneapolis, Laura learns that she has won the contest and she is offered the opportunity to have her novel published. She reluctantly agrees to changes which the publishers want to make, but Jenny convinces Laura that the new version is not as good as her original and should not be published.

  • Note: As the episode ends, Michael Landon narrates a flashforward (taken from "The Little House Years"), in which his daughter Shawna Landon is the little girl running into the public library to read Laura Ingalls Wilder's third book, Little House on the Prairie. In real life, Laura did not start writing the 'Little House' books until she was in her fifties, encouraged to do so by her daughter Rose Wilder Lane, who was by then herself a successful journalist and author. 
"Home Again (Part 1)"
"Home Again (Part 2)"
Michael Landon Michael Landon February 7, 1983 8467/033210
Charles and Albert return to Walnut Grove after Albert has repeated run-ins with the law for curfew violations and theft. It is soon discovered that Albert is hooked on morphine, which increasingly causes his behavior to be violent and eventually leads Charles to take drastic measures to help his son withdraw from the drug. 

  • Notes: Originally aired as a two-hour episode. In both syndication and the Lionsgate/NBC DVD, it is shown as a two-part episode. Final series appearances of Michael Landon and Matthew Laborteaux, who both return in the post-series movies. 
200 18 "A Child with No Name" Don Balluck Victor French February 14, 1983 8466
"In the late summer of 1889", Almanzo and Laura's newborn son dies overnight from no obvious cause at only a week old. Without any real reason, Laura blames Doc Baker for the baby's death and his reputation and business is badly damaged, so he decides to leave Walnut Grove. Then Rose becomes sick with smallpox and, against Laura's wishes, Almanzo calls in Doc Baker, who has to stay with them in quarantine. After Rose recovers, Laura acknowledges that she had been wrong and that Doc Baker is a good doctor, and she persuades him to stay.
201 19 "The Last Summer" Duke Sandefur =Maury Dexter February 21, 1983 8469
Jason begins doing odd jobs for an aging woman, Ruthy Leland (Vera Miles). Sarah becomes jealous over the blossoming friendship, until Ruthy reveals her that she is dying.  Jason makes plenty of happy memories with his friend before her death.
  • Note:  Victor French and Dean Butler do not appear. 
202 20 "For the Love of Blanche Michael Landon Michael Landon March 7, 1983 8470
Mr. Edwards promises to care for a dying traveler's "baby," only to discover it to be an orangutan named Blanche, which makes quick friends with everyone except Nancy, who tries to swat the animal, only for it to fight back. Mrs. Oleson wants Blanche killed, but Mr. Edwards devises a plan to trick them into thinking Blanche is dead. 

Mr. Edwards decides that Blanche needs to live in a zoo. Later, Blanche saves Rose from a potentially deadly house fire that Jenny puts out, and when Jenny tells the story at school, Nancy finds out that Blanche is still alive. Mrs. Oleson demands that the sheriff make sure Blanche is dead this time, but the ape hides in a tree until the arrival of the zookeeper, who convinces the sheriff and Mrs. Oleson to let Blanche live. 

203 21 "May I Have This Dance?" Chris Abbott Victor French March 14, 1983 8471
Willie graduates and his mother expects him to go on to college, but Willie has fallen in love with his girlfriend Rachel Brown, and wants to get married and take over the running of the family's restaurant.  

Mrs. Oleson opposes his plans and cruelly insults Rachel, and when Willie stands up to his mother and defends Rachel against her, she vows not to show up at the wedding. In the event, she does go, but theatrically dressed in black funeral clothes. Nels later reminds Harriet that his mother similarly opposed their marriage, and he says he has never regretted it. Meanwhile, Mrs. Flannery, a childless elderly friend of Laura's, passes away after gifting her big house to Laura and Almanzo, who set about turning it into a boardinghouse, and Willie and Rachel move in as their first boarders.

  • Note: This is the first appearance of [[Rachel Brown-Oleson[[ (Sherri Stoner), who also appears in the series finale and the three subsequent TV movies. 
204 22 "Hello and Goodbye" Don Balluck Michael Landon March 21, 1983 8472
Matthew's natural father arrives in Walnut Grove, wanting to reclaim custody after years of searching for him. Initially, Matthew is angry that his parents abandoned him as a baby, but, after learning why they did it and receiving a gift of his late mother's bible, Mr. Edwards helps him to decide to leave town to live with his father. A devastated Mr. Edwards decides he will move into Laura's new boarding house, where a multi-talented English writer named Sherwood Montague has also taken up residence.

  • Note: At the conclusion of the 1982-83 season,  Michael Landon and NBC jointly decided to end the series. Despite still ranking in the top 30 programs, Little House had two consecutive years of declining ratings, and Landon had not imagined the series lasting long enough for Laura to become an independent, married woman. [2] To wrap up the storylines, three TV movies were aired in the following television season. This is the last appearance of Harriet Oleson (Katherine MacGregor), who does not appear in the post-series movies. Also this is the first appearance of Sherwood Montague, who appears in the three post movies. 


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