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The Music Box (object)

The music box was stolen from Nellie by Laura in the episode titled The Music Box. Laura was enjoying the music in the Ingalls' barn (so no one could catch her) when she heard the door open. Afraid of being caught with the box, she shut it quickly. Unfortunately, she closed it so hard that it fell on the ground. When she listened to the music again, it was slightly warped sounding in places.21212121212121212121

Nellie's Deal

When Nellie visted the Ingalls, (to ask them directions to Anna's home), she retreated to the barn when Jack jumped on her, as a watchdog does well. There she saw Laura, trying to fix the music box. She told her that she would not tell her Ma and Pa she stole it, if she did whatever she said. Laura reluctantly agreed to this and Nellie left.

Returning the Music Box

After Laura made up with Anna and quit Nellie's club, she told her family what she did. Pa told her they would give the music box back to Mr. Oleson tomorrow. When they did so, Laura told him that she was sorry and would pay for the damage. Nels thought she was punished enough and dismissed her. Nellie was then whipped by her father.


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