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Manual of Style is just as the name suggests, a guide on how to write articles on the wiki. This page is mainly for characters from the show, though some of the suggestions apply to episodes, and other pages on the site. One thing to remember, occasionally on wikis pages will have grammar that is not necessarily Shakespeare style writing and is more to the point and generally more user friendly.

Linking to other pages

One of the most important things on a wiki is knowing how to link to other pages. It's simple, and anyone can do it, also, if you make a mistake on a link (which all of us have) it's easy to correct it by selecting the Edit button on top of the page.

Here's some examples:

Laura Ingalls older sister is Mary Ingalls Kendall.

To make that I simply typed:

Laura Ingalls older sister is [[Mary Ingalls Kendall]].


One way to really help the wiki is to find punctuation mistakes and to try to remember the take a quick look after typing a page to make sure that the correct punctuation is used. Also, on this wiki we prefer to use -- instead of —, here's an example:

This is using the longer line:

In the Little House Book Series, Jack was a pit-bull dog—and traveled with Laura Ingalls almost everywhere.

Here's the same text, only using the shorter two lines:

In the Little House Book Series, Jack was a pit-bull dog -- and traveled with Laura Ingalls almost everywhere.


When typing a list of something, such as appearances or an episode guide, please follow this guideline:

The correct, standard way of making lists:

(to make this, I simply added an asterisk symbol * before each link.)

The incorrect way:

Charles Ingalls
Caroline Ingalls
Mary Ingalls
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Carrie Ingalls

(this was made by adding a colon mark : before each link.)


Templates are sometimes considered the most important part of a page, it gives a brief summary without having to read the entire page if you don't want to. Our most used template would probably be Template:Character, this is what goes onto all of our character pages.

Using this template is simple, you just need to know one thing; how to copy and paste. After pasting it on a simply fill in the known fields (and if you make a mistake, don't worry, because anyone can fix it.)