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Grandma Laura on her deathbed.

Laura Colby Ingalls
Personal Information
Sex/Gender: Female
Job/Career: Homemaker
Series Information
Played by: Jan Sterling

Laura Colby Ingalls was the wife of Lansford Ingalls and mother of Charles, Peter Ingalls, and Polly Ingalls.


Laura was a spry young woman in her youth and a good dancer and a humble dreamer. When she married Lansford, they had a farm but her life with her husband was not easy. She was content with life as it was but Lansford always wanted more for her. She gave sound advice to her husband but he was stubborn and prideful and often made mistakes and it often annoyed Lansford, and he thought her bossy, but she did it because she loved him and wanted him to be happy. She enjoyed boating with her son Charles and had long talks about life, faith, and family with him on the river. She was still happy and content even after Lansford lost the farm. In her later years, Lansford kept her from visiting Charles, Caroline and her grandchildren because of his stubbornness

At the end of her life, Lansford read her a letter from Charles and she expressed concern about Charles and Caroline having a male child to carry on the family name, and about Mary with boys. She wanted to go to see Charles and the kids even while she was in bed sick. She died in bed of an unknown illness. Her last words were: "Lansford, how long till sun up?"

She was buried in a grave next to their home in the woods. (Episode 306: Journey in the Spring (Part 1)

Laura Colby Ingalls when she was younger.