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Lansford when he was younger.

Lansford Ingalls is the father of Peter , Charles and Polly Ingalls, he is the husband of Laura Colby Ingalls.


When he was younger, he was very concentrated on earning money to get all which his family wanted rather than his family's real needs. Charles once planned on running away when young due to him being scared of his father. Other than that, he was known by his children to be sad depressed, by as his wife commented to Charles, he couldn't get what his family needed (referring to a large house). When he was older, after his wife had died, Charles went to see him, and, in result of some strong words Charles had said to him, he attempted suicide by burning the house. Charles luckily saved him from the fire, but still with the guilty feelings, he resolves by asking his father to live with him, since he clearly cannot live alone anymore. While living in the little house with his family, he bonded with Laura, and both spent time together, for example, him watching Laura riding Bunny. In one ride, Laura accidentally hit a wire fence, leaving Bunny severely hurt. Once Charles arrived to take a look at Bunny, he noticed Bunny would suffer a lot and decided to make Bunny "rest". Laura begged her grandfather, Lansford to make Charles not doing anything to Bunny, assuring him that her Pa is his son, so Charles has to do whatever Lansford says. Sadly, Charles has to kill Bunny in order for him not to suffer anymore. Laura later does not forgive Lansford for letting him do so, but then apologizes after Mr. Edwards helps Laura understand some things have to be done, and that isn't the persons fault. A few after apologizing, Lansford decides to go back home, in which Laura and the family is very saddened by.