Kavendish is a man who Charles meets on his way to Sleepy Eye. Charles gives the man transportation to Sleepy Eye, taking a short-cut, which Kavendish isn't very pleased with. Kavendish likes annoying Charles about his "short-cut", but Charles calms him down, but doesn't work for long until they reach a river. The wagon is stuck in the river, and Kavendish doesn't want to help Charles take it out because he claims he is "too old to be pushing and shoving a fool's wagon". Instead, he offers to take his weight off, but he declines walking in the water to the other side, he asks Charles to put him on his shoulder until the shore. Much to Charles' surprise, the man was heavier than he looked, but he successfully brought him to dry land. Later on, they encounter a fence not letting them go thru, Charles resolves cutting it, but a man comes with a gun and says not to cut the fence. Kavendish asks the man if he can cross the gate to go to Sleepy Eye, the man agrees but doesn't let Charles go with his wagon.
Charles might've thought that was the last time he was going to see the old man, but the man took a ride on a train and successfully got to Sleepy Eye and got the job he wanted. Charles and Almanzo took Mary to dinner at a restaurant, and to Charles surprise, the waiter was Kavendish. The restaurant was where Kavendish spilled the beans to Almonzo about Charles being late for their deadline.

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