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John Sanderson Edwards Jr. was the eldest son of Julia Sanderson and the brother to Alicia and Carl; and the adopted son of Grace and Isaiah Edwards. John was also a talented poet and writer.

He wasn't a strong guy like his father, and really didn't like to hunt. His dad always wanted John to be like him, and didn't understand when John didn't want to hunt with him. John wrote a letter about this to his father, and was mad when it seemed as if Isaiah didn't care that he couldn't hunt. But Grace cleared it all up by saying Mr. Edwards can't read.

Mary Ingalls and John had a relationship and marriage between the two was also on the horizon. Mary broke the engagement so that she wouldn't stand in the way of John's dreams of becoming a writer, although they still maintained a long-distance relationship.

Eventually, John moved to Chicago to work as a cub reporter for a newspaper. However, despite frequent letters to Mary professing his love, when she unexpectedly visited him in Chicago she found out that he had been unfaithful and is no longer in love with her, and their relationship was over.

Years later, he was apparently killed in a street car accident. Charles Ingalls and Isaiah Edwards investigated this information and found out that John was murdered after finding out about a business corruption.

Behind the scenes

John was played by Radames Pera in all of his appearances.