Jennifer Dalton
Biographical information



Percival Dalton(father)
Nellie Oleson Dalton(mother)
Benjamin Cohen(grandfather)
Harriet Oleson(grandmother)
Nels Oleson(grandfather)
Benjamin Dalton(brother)

Behind the scenes
First appearance:

Episode 713: Come, Let Us Reason Together

Last appearance

Episode 713: Come, Let Us Reason Together


Jennifer Dalton is the twin sister of Benjamin and the daughter of Nellie Oleson and Percival Dalton. (Episode 713: Come, Let Us Reason Together)

Jennifer was born only a minute or so before her twin brother Benjamin Dalton. Percival's father, Benjamin, had also mentioned to Harriet that Jennifer had her eyes. They eventually move to New York with their parents after Percival’s father dies. She and her brother are mentioned in "The Return of Nellie", since they couldn’t come and were staying with Percival.

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