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Hiram Baker (more often referred to as "Doc Baker" or simply "Doc") is the friendly doctor and veterinarian who services Walnut Grove and the surrounding areas. His office is located in the same building as the post office; he rarely worked with help except on a few occasions. For example, when Harriet Oleson's niece Kate came to visit, she accompanied him during his rounds. During this time Doctor Baker fell in love with Kate and proceeded to court her, until he was honest with himself and realized the fact that he was much too old for her.

Years later, when the town became bankrupt many of the townspeople from Walnut Grove moved to Winoka, however he stayed behind to look after Lars Hanson. Sadly Lars never recovered and Walnut Grove went into despair. Luckily many former citizens came back to the town and helped Baker restore Walnut Grove back to its former glory, Lars who had just had a stroke managed to recover slightly since Walnut Grove had become a town again.

After the death of Laura and Almanzo's baby, Laura blamed Doctor Baker for the death of her baby boy. Later she apologized.

Behind the scenes

Doctor Baker was portrayed by Kevin Hagen in all of his appearances.His is seen last in (The Last Farewell)