Highway to Heaven was a television drama series created by Michael Landon that ran on NBC from 1984 to 1989. The show also starred Landon as Jonathan Smith, an angel sent down to earth, and his friend Mark Gordon, played by Victor French. It consisted of 111 episodes produced over five seasons.

The theme song for Highway to Heaven was written and performed by David Rose, who also wrote the theme for Little House on the Prairie. The theme was originally used on the Little House episode "Marvin's Garden".


  • Michael Landon was the creator of the show and played Jonathan Smith.
  • Victor French was the co-star, who played Mark Gordon, an ex-cop.
  • David Rose wrote and performed the theme song for the show.
  • Eddie Quillan played Clyde in the pilot and Bart in "Basinger's New York".
  • Hank Stohl played Foster in the episode "An Investment in Caring".
  • Matthew Laborteaux played Matt Haynes in the episode "The Right Thing".

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