Hester-Sue Terhune
Ketty Lester as Hester-Sue Terhune
Personal Information
Sex/Gender: Female
Born: ????
Died: ????
Spouse (s): Sam Terhune (Ex-Husband, divorced)
Height 5'9"
Weight ????
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Job/Career: Schoolteacher, Waitress
Series Information
Played by: Ketty Lester
First episode appearance: "Blind Journey (Part 1)" (Season 5)
"Blind Journey (Part 2)" (Season 5)

Hester-Sue Terhune first was a teacher at a blind school that was later merged with the one operated by Adam and Mary Ingalls Kendall when they moved to Walnut Grove. She also worked as a waitress at Nellie's Restaurant. Hester-Sue was married once, to Sam Terhune but divorced because of his gambling and drinking habits.

While living in Walnut Grove, Sam returned and convinced Hester-Sue that he had changed his ways. They then planned to get remarried until Sam's wife, Naomi showed up. It became clear to Hester-Sue that Sam hadn't changed and the two did not get remarried. In addition, Hester-Sue also had a relationship with Joe Kagan.

She also once spent Christmas at the Ingalls home recalling her favorite holiday memories.

Behind the scenes

Hester-Sue was portrayed by actress Ketty Lester in all of her appearances.

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