Hans Dorfler
James Jeter as Hans
Personal Information
Sex/Gender: Male
Born: ????
Died: ????
Family/Relatives: Not Mentioned
About/Description: Laura worked at his blacksmith shop for a time
Height ????
Weight ????
Hair Color: Greying/Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Title: (if any): Farmer and blacksmith
Series Information
Played by: James Jeter
Appeared on/in: Little House on the Prairie (TV series)
No. of episode
9 in Seasons 1-6
First episode appearance: "A Harvest of Friends" (series pilot)
Last appeared in: "The Race" (season 6)

Hans Dorfler was a recurring character who appeared in a total of nine episodes of Little House on the Prairie from Season 1 to Season 6. Th part of Hans Dorfler was played by James Jeter.

About Hans

Hans Dorfler was a Blacksmith who lives in Walnut Grove, Laura worked for him in his blacksmith shop as an apprentice for a time.

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