Grace Ingalls
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May 23, 1877


Charles Ingalls (father) Caroline Ingalls (mother) Mary Ingalls Kendall (sister) Laura Ingalls Wilder (sister) Carrie Ingalls (sister) Charles Ingalls Jr. (brother,deceased) Albert Quinn Ingalls (adoptive brother) Cassandra Cooper Ingalls (adoptive sister) James Cooper Ingalls (adoptive brother)

Behind the scenes
First appearance:

A Most Precious Gift

Last appearance

He Was Only Twelve: Part 2

Played by:

Wendi & Brenda Turnbaugh


Grace Pearl Ingalls is the youngest child of Charles and Caroline Ingalls, and their last biological child. When Caroline first told Charles that she was pregnant, he hoped for a boy and Caroline feared how Charles would react if the child was a girl. When Grace was born, Charles was just as happy as if she had been a boy.

Grace filled the baby role in the Ingalls family, which had always belonged to Carrie when she was long past that age.

Baby Grace

Grace Ingalls stayed in Walnut Grove when the Ingalls lived there and went with them when they left Walnut Grove.

In the episode "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not," Grace is given a kiss by one of the little boys at Nellie and Percival's wedding. Charles picks her up and says "You are going to wait until you're 18," referring to Laura and Almanzo's upcoming wedding. A caption comes across the screen saying, "To be 15 years."

Behind the scene

  • After the success with the Greenbush Twins, who shared the part of Grace's older sister Carrie, the producers of "Little House" were determined to find twins for the part of little Grace as well. Kent McCray, the series producer, was a close friend to Wendi & Brenda's grandmother. He told her he needed twins to play Grace, and was thrilled when she told him her daughter had twin girls. Between 1978 and 1982, Brenda and Wendi Turnbaugh shared the part of Grace Ingalls. Grace was born in the episode "A Most Precious Gift" but the Turnbaugh didn't start playing the part until the episode called "As Long As We're Together". They kept Grace's role until they left the show in 1982.
  • The twins loved being part of the Ingalls family, sometimes they argued about who got to do what scene.
  • Both twins were close to Michael Landon, who played their father, Charles Ingalls. One day, he gave them very spicy food for an episode of "Little House" so baby Grace will refuse to eat the food that Pa had cooked. It worked too well that the twins refused to eat anything Michael offered them after that.
  • After "Little House" Brenda and Wendi did one commercial but then decided not to continue their acting career.
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