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Ginny Clark was a student at Walnut Grove School and a friend of both Laura and Mary Ingalls.


Ginny was the daughter of Della Clark and her unnamed deceased husband. She admired Nellie for what she had but wasn't really her friend. She was friends with the local Mr. Mayfield possibly because he was interested in her mother. When the issue came up about their being a school play, Ginny wanted to be in it and was assigned to play 'Jo' by Mrs. Oleson. What Ginny also wanted very much was for her mother to come but she wouldn't because she had too much work to do, and that she didn't have a decent dress to wear anyway.

Hoping that if her mother had a nice dress to wear she would go, Ginny cut her long blonde hair and sold it to Mr. Mason, a wig maker who made Nelli's wig for the play. She bought a dress from Oleson's Mercantile with the money and covered her head so people wouldn't, especially her mother would be surprised at what she had done. When she tried to give it to her mother, she became furious and believed it had come from Mr. Mayfield and wouldn't listen to Ginny's explanation, and sent her to bed without her supper and forbade her to be in the play.

Ginny was very upset about not being able to be in the play. Mr. Mayfield came along and found her on the side of the road crying. When she told him what was wrong, he promised to set things right and to convince her mother to attend the play. During the play when her part came, she came out on stage and revealed that she had cut her hair only so her mother could come to see her in it, and to make her happy. (Episode 314: Little Women)

Behind the scenes

Ginny Clark was played by Rachel Longaker.

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