"Welcome to Olesonville"
Season 9, Episode 3
#185 overall in Series
Series: Little House on the Prairie
Network/Country: NBC-TV
Original air date October 11, 1982
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IMDb logo.png IMDb Welcome to Olesonville
Written by Paul W. Cooper
Directed by Maury Dexter
Guest starring: Lew Ayres
Sam Edwards
Ruth Foster
Clyde Harper
Ketty Lester
Charles Lane
Noni White
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"Times Are Changing (Part 2)"
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"Welcome to Olesonville" was the third episode of Season 9 of Little House on the Prairie, also the 185th episode in the series. Written by Paul W. Cooper, the episode, which was directed by Maury Dexter, originally aired on NBC-TV on October 11, 1982.


A power-hungry Mrs. Oleson obtains the town's bond and uses it to force an election: Elect Nels mayor or else. The townsfolk realize Nels will merely become a puppet for his wife and fight back with a candidate of their own.


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