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"He Was Only Twelve (Part 1)"
Season 8, Episode Episode 21
#182 overall in Series
Original air date May 3, 1982
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IMDb logo.png IMDb He Was Only Twelve (Part 1)
Written by Paul W. Cooper
Directed by Michael Landon
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"A Faraway Cry"
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"He Was Only Twelve (Part 2)"


Charles, Albert, James and Mr. Edwards travel to Sleepy Eye to make a delivery. James and Albert go to the bank to deposit some money and arrive while a robbery is in progress.

Tragically, James is shot and lapses into a coma showing no hope of recovery. The doctor must advise Charles that he will likely die. An embittered Charles tracks down the criminals to seek revenge.


  • The first part of this two-part story is a re-write of the 1972 Bonanza episode, "He Was Only Seven."


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