"Episode 816: Second Chance"
Season 8, Episode 16
# overall in Series
Original air date February 8, 1982
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Written by Don Balluck
Directed by Maury Dexter
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Hester-Sue's ex-husband Sam Terhune comes to Walnut Grove, claiming he has reformed himself from his drinking and gambling and wants a second chance. Hester Sue believes him and it isn't long before they plan to get re-married. But on the wedding day, a surprise visitor shows up; who turns out to be Sam's wife Naomi saying she will divorce Sam and it becomes clear to Hester Sue that he does not deserve a second chance.



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Sam (to Hester Sue): You mean, you don't hate me?
Hester Sue: No. I'd have to still be in love with you to hate you.

Caroline (to Hester Sue) It seems like life has given Sam a second chance. Doesn't everybody deserve that?

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