"Episode 813: Stone Soup"
Season 8, Episode 13
# overall in Series
Original air date January 18, 1982
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Written by Peter Dixon
Directed by Maury Dexter
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Caroline comforts Laura after she collapsed from a heat stroke.

Laura has a heart-to-heart talk with Willie about responsibility and being a good example to younger students. It's a talk Willie takes seriously, particularly after a pregnant Laura – overwhelmed by managing Almanzo's orchard in his absence – collapses from heat stroke. Willie runs to get Doc Baker, and ends up saving Laura's life. Then, after hearing Caroline read "Stone Soup" at school, Willie commissions his classmates to help local farmers deal with the drought (starting with Laura's orchard) until Almanzo returns.



Laura (while teaching her class): Without our revolutionary war heroes, we might still be a colony of England. Now, here's something interesting to think about: do men become heroes because of history, or do they create the events that make them heroes?

Caroline (to Laura): Well, I can see I'm not gonna slow you down any. At least let me send Albert and James over to help you.
Laura: Ma, I'm not a special case. Everyone with crops is...
Caroline: Being pregnant makes you a special case!

Albert (about Laura watering her orchard alone): She's gonna kill herself. Those buckets must weigh 40 pounds!
Willie: She's sensible. She'll ask for help when she needs it.
Albert: She's sensible sometimes.

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