"Episode 809: For the Love of Nancy"
Season 8, Episode 9
# overall in Series
Original air date November 30, 1981
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Written by Chris Abbott
Directed by Maury Dexter
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An overweight boy named Elmer Miles comes with his family to Walnut Grove and attends the school and is mercilessly teased by his new classmates, but quickly catches Nancy Oleson's eye.

Nancy has plenty of cruel tricks up her sleeve, and uses Elmer to get her way.


Cast Member

Character Portrayed
Karen Grassle Caroline Ingalls
Melissa Gilbert Laura Ingalls Wilder
Missy Francis Cassandra Ingalls
Jason Bateman James Ingalls
Matthew Laborteaux Albert Ingalls
Richard Bull Nels Oleson
Katherine MacGregor Harriet Oleson
Jonathan Garvey Willie Oleson
Allison Balson Nancy Oleson


Elmer (after overhearing Willie comment on his weight): The kids at my other school called me Piggy!
Albert: Oh, um, he didn't mean that, Elmer.
Elmer: Aw, that's okay. Everyone has to have a nickname. It makes you feel like you belong.

Elmer: Nancy, please! There must have been some mistake, I swear!
Nancy: Don't ever talk to me again, you big fat slob!

Albert: (about Elmer) He seems friendly enough.
Willie: Fat people are always friendly. Well, they are!

Albert (to Elmer): I thought it was mean to call you those names, but you seemed to enjoy it. Maybe if you had asked us to stop, things wouldn't have gotten so bad. I'm not blaming you, I'm just saying we all have our faults. Isn't that right, Nancy?
Nancy: Mother and I spent hours trying to think of one for me, and we couldn't come up with a single solitary fault.

Mrs. Miles (to Jess, who isn't eating his food): Why can't you be more like Elmer?
Elmer: Leave him alone, will you?
Mrs. Miles: Elmer!
Elmer: Why do you make him eat all the time? Do you want him to get fat and have all the kids make fun of him, and not have any friends? Is that what you want? Well, maybe he's just not hungry! (storms out)
Mrs. Miles: What on Earth has gotten into that boy?
Mr. Miles: Sounds like good sense to me.

Nancy: Elmer, they won't let me pitch. ELMER!
Elmer: Sorry, Nancy, you're gonna have to work things out for yourself from now on.

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