"Episode 713: Come, Let Us Reason Together"
Season 7, Episode 13
# overall in Series
Original air date January 12, 1981
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Written by Carole Raschella

Michael Raschella

Directed by Michael Landon
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Oleson Versus Oleson
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The Nephews


Percival's real name is revealed as Isaac Cohen. Percival's parents visit Walnut Grove. Percival's father, Benjamin, is a hot-tempered man who lives by his Jewish faith, while Nellie's mother Harriet is a full-fledged Christian. Nels brokers peace between Benjamin and Harriet with the deal that a boy would be raised Jewish and a girl would be raised Christian. When Nellie gives birth, she unexpectedly has twins, and names them Benjamin and Jennifer. Nellie and Percival agree to raise their son as a Jew and their daughter as a Christian.


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