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"The Halloween Dream"
Season 6, Episode 7
#122 overall in Series
Original air date October 29, 1979
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Written by Michael Landon
Directed by Michael Landon
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"The Preacher Takes a Wife"
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"The Return of Mr. Edwards"

Before going to a Halloween party, Albert has a dream where he and Laura are mistaken for Indians and taken to a tribe's camp.



Guest Starring

  • Phillip Carey: Commander Kaiser
  • Frank De Kova: Chief Kilowatt
  • Henry K. Bal: Chief Sly Fox


  • Dick Alexander: Sergeant
  • George Aguiler: Brave #1
  • Bryson G. Liberty: Brave #2
  • Ramon Chavez: Brave #3
  • Rosa Hamilton: Tiny Pebbles
  • Dawn Biglay: Tana
  • Clint Lilley: Son of Running Bull
  • Hiawatha Hood: Chief Big Wolf

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The Preacher Takes A Wife The Return of Mr. Edwards