"Back to School (Part 2)"
Season 6, Episode 2
#115 overall in Series
Network/Country: NBC-TV
Original air date September 24, 1979
Production code 6002 / 602
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IMDb logo.png IMDb Back to School (Part 2)
Written by Michael Landon
Directed by Michael Landon
Guest starring: Maggie Munro
Episode Chronology
Previous episode:
"Back tot School, Part 1"
(Season 6 premiere)
Next episode:
"The Family Tree"

"Back to School (Part 2)" was the second episode of Season 6 of Little House on the Prairie, also the 116th episode in the series, and the conclusion of a two-part episode story arc. Written and directed by Michael Landon, the episode first aired on NBC-TV on September 24, 1979.


Laura and Nellie, both wanting Almanzo, engage in a series of dirty tricks to get back at each other and to win Almanzo over. First, Nellie invites Almanzo to dinner, and Laura volunteers to cook, instead of using cinnamon for the chicken, Laura uses Cayenne pepper, which results in a recipe for disaster for Nellie and Almanzo.

Later, Laura wants to take her teacher exam but cannot afford the books. In result, she asks Nellie if she can borrow them, Nellie agrees and gives Laura and piece of advice, that the test doesn't have any history. Laura studies the books thoroughly until the test comes and finds the all of the questions are full of history.

After leaving school, Laura is moping until she notices Nellie coming back from Almanzo's house. She confronts Nellie and the two engage in a wrestling match in the mud. Eventually Almanzo comes by and breaks up the fight, and takes Laura back to his home to get her cleaned up. When Charles and Jonathan arrive, Charles assumes the worst.



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