"Mortal Mission"
Season 5, Episode 23
#113 overall in Series
Series: Little House on the Prairie
Network/Country: NBC-TV
Original air date March 12, 1979
Production code 5023 / 523
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Written by John T. Dugan
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest starring: Matt Clark
Jerry Hardin
Ketty Lester
Charles Parks
Peter Kilman
Carolyn Conwell
Bradley Greene
Don Priest
Richard Lockmiller
David Rode
Vince Tortelli
Ruth Foster
Brenda Turnbaugh
Episode Chronology
Previous episode:
"Someone Please Love Me"
Next episode:
"The Odyssey"
(Season 5 finale)

"Mortal Mission" was the 23rd episode of Season 5 of Little House on the Prairie, also the 113th overall series episode. Written by John T. Dugan, the episode, directed by William F. Claxton, originally aired on NBC-TV on March 12, 1979.

Plot summary

Numerous Walnut Grove townsfolk become seriously ill after eating anthrax-laced mutton, turning the Blind School into a makeshift hospital and morgue. Charles and Jonathan – among the few who hadn't gotten sick – race against time to rush supplies and medicine to the Blind School, but have to encounter a few obstacles along the way. Namely, the brothers who sold the meat even though they knew it was spoiled; and a deluded farmer who believes the medicine will help him become rich.



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