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"The Monster of Walnut Grove"
Season , Episode
# overall in Series
Original air date November 1, 1976
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IMDb logo.png IMDb The Monster of Walnut Grove
Written by John Hawkins
Directed by William F. Claxton
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A comedy of misunderstandings results when Laura sees what she thinks is Nels beheading his wife during an argument (Mrs. Oleson was actually in another room and left to go out of town early the next morning, but Nels had playfully beheaded a mannequin). Laura reports what she had seen to Nellie and Willie, who play along to have a little fun at their nemesis's expense.






  • This episode is the first Halloween episode.
  • You may notice during the bedtime scene where Laura is having a bad dream, a tree branch BANGS against their window. The only other time this has happened is during The Music Box where Laura is again having a nightmare. But, if you look outside during other scenes or episodes there has never been another time a tree has been shown that close to that side of the house.

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