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Original air date February 25, 1976
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IMDb logo IMDb Troublemaker
Written by John Hawkins
Directed by Victor French
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Miss Beadle is relieved of her duties as schoolmarm when several of the older students' misbehavior becomes too much. In her place is Hannibal Applewood - a strict disciplinarian whom students call "Mr. Crabapple" in disdain.

Acting on a false tip from Mrs. Oleson, Mr. Applewood quickly singles out Laura as the class troublemaker. She is unfairly punished for things she did not do and even is expelled when her test papers become damaged. As things get out of hand, Charles decides to step in and figure out just how Mr. Applewood obtained his lengthy resume.



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  • This is one of Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle)'s favorite episodes, although she has a hard time picking just one.?
  • When Charles shows Mr. Applewood the folder of work and recent progress report that Miss Beadle filled out about Laura, he turns his back to the camera, revealing that the folder is actually empty.?
  • When Nellie is tormenting Laura, Mary says to her, "You say that again, and I'll slap your face!" Laura said the exact same line to Christy Kennedy in Season 1's The Voice of Tinker Jones, when the two girls were arguing about their fathers.?
  • In this episode, Mary gets right in Nellie's face and threatens to slap her. Needless to say, sweet little Mary didn't lose her cool like this too often, so it's really something to see!?
  • Charles tells Mr. Applewood that he heard him yelling at the students all the way down the street. This may be considered nitpicking, but there were no "streets" in Walnut Grove, just dirt roads, and this term would likely be considered out of place in that time period.?

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  • This is the First and Only Apparaence of Hannibal Applewood(Richard Basehart)in the Series.

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