"Episode 215: A Matter of Faith"
Season 2, Episode 215
# overall in Series
Original air date February 4, 1976
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Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by William F. Claxton
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The Pride of Walnut Grove
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The Runaway Caboose


Charles and the girls go on a camping trip, and Caroline will join them later. Caroline then scratches herself on a piece of baling wire, and the minor scratch soon turns into a serious infection.

Just when she is about to succumb to her illness, Caroline opens her Bible to a passage where she decides to preform a painful procedure which impresses even Doc Baker.



  • When Charles, Mary and Laura are swimming near the end of the episode, you can totally tell that they are at the lake in Walnut Grove, even though they're supposed to be out of town.?
  • Watch closely in the scene where Charles is swimming and rope-swinging with Mary and Laura. After Mary jumps in, Laura gets ready to swing and jump in for the second time (after already jumping previously and getting all wet), and you will notice that her hair and clothes are suddenly all dry.?
  • In a nice bit of continuity, Mrs. Foster smells Caroline's pies and mentions that she should win the prize at the upcoming Founder's Day celebration. Both Caroline and Mrs. Oleson were runners up in the pie contest the previous year -- as shown in the season 1 episode "Founder's Day."?


Doc Baker: (about how Caroline cut open her infected leg just in time) You know, Reverend, a doctor would have a hard time making the decision Caroline did. How she picked exactly the right moment, only God knows.
Reverend Alden: I'm sure He does, Hiram. I'm sure He does.
Laura: I've never seen Ma so sick before.
Charles: Neither have I, darling, but your Ma's real strong and Doctor Baker's doing everything he can.
Mary: She's not going to die, is she, Pa?
Charles: Come on, it's no time to be talking like that. God takes care of those who love Him.
Laura: Then he has to let Ma live. He just has to.
Charles: He will, darling. You wait and see.
Laura: We'll just have to pray with all our hearts.
Charles: That's right. With all our hearts.
Doc Baker (to Charles about Caroline): The fever's broken! Courageous woman if she hadn't opened the infection when she did, she would have lost her leg and probably her life. But now with rest, she's going to be just fine.


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