"The Talking Machine"
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Original air date January 14, 1976
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Written by Harold Swanton
Directed by Victor French
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Laura and Nellie vie for the affections of a new schoolboy named Jason, who is very adept with new contraptions. While Laura accompanies Jason in all his experiments, Nellie tries to use a brand new "Talking Machine" to gain his affection. When Nellie is unable to get Jason to choose her over Laura, she decides to get even with Laura in an especially embarrassing scheme.



  • When Nellie is in her room throwing a temper tantrum after dinner, her squeaky mattress can clearly be seen bouncing up and down as she pounds her fists on it. Though patented in Germany in the mid-1870's, innerspring mattresses were rarely available in the United States until Sealy Co. began mass producing them in 1906. Nellie would more likely have had a bed like everyone else in Walnut Grove, a thin "mattress" filled with horsehair, down and/or hay, atop a wood bed frame.?

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