"Ebenezer Sprague"
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Original air date November 19, 1975
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Written by Hindi Brooks
Directed by Victor French
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Charles wants to seed a new field and decides to obtain a loan from the new banker, Ebenezer Sprague. The cold-hearted gentleman refuses to trust Charles and his family until Laura unwitting befriends him at the fishing hole. Their friendship and its abrupt end shows the banker that no man should worry about making any true friends.



  • At the end of the show, Laura showed Mr. Sprague her new schoolbook that he donated, a McGuffey's Revised Third Reader. The Revised McGuffey did not come out until 1879, when the real Laura was 12 years old. Also, Laura had only learned to read the year before, so she wouldn't be using the Third Reader, which contains middle-school level readings.?

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