"Remember Me (Part 1)"
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Original air date November 5, 1975
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Written by Michael Landon
Directed by Michael Landon
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A widowed mother named Julia Sanderson learns she has a terminal illness and has no close relatives willing to care for her three children - sons John Jr. and Carl; and daughter Alicia. Charles promises Mrs. Sanderson the children will find a new home. Meanwhile, the relationship between Isaiah Edwards and Grace Snyder begins to really blossom.



  • Michael Landon authored the "Remember Me" poem that was read at Julia's funeral. Years later, at Landon's own funeral, Melissa Gilbert (Laura) read the poem out loud.?
  • Patricia Neal, who guest starred in this episode, was married to author Roald Dahl, who penned such well-known books as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", and "James and the Giant Peach".?
  • The opening scene in this episode marks the first and only time that Mary ever wore braids in the entire series. This was done to keep her hair out of her eyes when she and Laura dove into the water to rescue the puppies.?


Carl (to Julia): Did we do something wrong, Ma?
Julia: Oh no, nothing like that. I just want you to hear all I have to say and not interrupt, all right? Now, you remember when your father died and where he went?
Alicia: In Heaven?
John: You're not supposed to talk.
Julia: (smiles, puts her arm around Alicia) That's right. In Heaven! Now, some folks go there sooner than others, and God's decided that I'm going to see Him very soon.
John: What are you saying? (long pause, starts crying) Oh my God, Ma!
Julia: (angry) Now, just a minute, young man! I won't have you losing the Lord's name in vain in this house! I'll have none of that crying, either. There's no reason to cry for someone who's going to live in Heaven. You're crying for yourself, not for me! (John pulls himself together and stops crying) That's better. Now, I have a lot to do, and not a lot of time to do it. I need to find a home for all of you.
Carl: I don't want to live with anyone else! Just you!
Julia: God's made His decision. You love me, right?
Carl: More than anything!
Julia: If you love me, then you'll help me.
Julia: (written in a letter and read by Reverend Alden) Remember me with smiles and laughter, for that is how I will remember you all. If you can only remember me with tears, then don't remember me at all.

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