"Mr. Edwards' Homecoming"
Season 1, Episode 5
# overall in Series
Original air date October 2, 1974
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Written by Joel Murcott
Directed by Michael Landon
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While in Mankato, Charles encounters a drunken Mr. Edwards in the midst of a barfight, and brings him to Walnut Grove. To rehabilitate him, Charles gets him a job at Hansen's Mill while Caroline tries to set him up with widow Grace Snider. While Mr. Edwards vies for Grace's attention, his personal grudge with God seems to doom their potential relationship.


While Charles is in Mankato, he runs into Mr. Edwards and invites him to come to Walnut Grove. Caroline wants to match him up with Grace Snider, but discovers that she is just getting in the way when it becomes clear that Mr. Edwards is perfectly able to charm Grace all by himself.


Cast Member Character Portrayed
Michael Landon Charles Ingalls
Karen Grassle Caroline Ingalls
Melissa Sue Anderson Mary Ingalls
Melissa Gilbert Laura Ingalls
Lindsay Greenbush Carrie Ingalls
Sidney Greenbush Carrie Ingalls
Barney Jack
Victor French Mr. Isiah Edwards


  • Melissa Gilbert has often talked about how thrilled she was to find out that Victor French (Mr. Edwards) was coming back for this episode and becoming a more regular guest star on the series. This is his first appearance since the pilot, and nobody knew for sure if he would return for the show, so it was a really special thing when he did.?
  • In real life the Ingalls family met Mr. Edwards in Kansas and encountered him again, according to Laura's books, one more time in Dakota Territory. Though a memorable character, he was not the constant fixture in their lives that the series portrays. His identity is largely unknown, including his first name. Any episode that includes Edwards sadly is largely fictional.?
  • Notice that when Mr. Edwards shows up in the final scene at Church, Grace is so happy that she starts singing about a second off-key from everybody else. It is very noticeable and quite funny.?
  • This is the 2nd appareance of Mr.Edwards(Victor French)after the Pilot.


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