The Cemetery of Walnut Grove was a cemetery in the town of Walnut Grove.

It was located just outside the playground area outside of Walnut Grove Church and School and could be seen from Oleson's Mercantile. It presumably served the town since its founding in 1840 by Lars Hanson. There were many trees in it and around it. The cemetery features many upright stones and at least two small obelisk-type monuments. Some of the folk buried there by the mid-1870s were W.J. Holman (Grandfather) (b. 1780 - d. 1865), Sam Benson (Son), and Annie, daughter of George R. A fallen group of dead trees lied just outside of the cemetery treeline and was where Willie showed Laura and Carl the bloodstained apron that belonged to Mrs. Oleson. (Episode 305: The Monster of Walnut Grove)

The cemetery was first shown in detail on Halloween in the mid-1870s and was where Willie told Carl and Laura about what he and Nellie found out about Laura's claim that Mrs. Olesen had her head chopped off by Mr. Olesen. It was also where Carl and Laura were told by Willie to go and watch for a light in the Mercantile's window as a signal to show them what they discovered about the apparent murder, which was in reality a plot to scare them. (Episode 305: The Monster of Walnut Grove)

Its fate is unknown after the destruction of Walnut Grove.

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