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Cassandra Cooper Ingalls was the adopted daughter of Caroline and Charles Ingalls.


She has one older brother, James. Cassandra's parents, Alvin and Sarah Cooper both died in a fatal wagon accident, that story was covered in the two part episode "The Lost Ones". After her parents died, she went into shock for a period of time. Later, Charles agreed to bring Cassandra and James to his and Caroline's little house. After being rejected by their only living relative Jed Cooper, they were later adopted but were treated cruelly and soon ran away, and James got caught in a trap. Cassandra went to get help from Charles, and James was brought to Dr. Baker. Soon after, Charles and Caroline adopted the siblings.

After the kids had become well established in the Ingalls' household, Cassandra and James' uncle, Jed Cooper came to visit them in Walnut Grove. Now rich but alone, Jed decided that he loved James and his sister so much that he wanted them for his own. James and Cassandra resisted this as they were happy living in Walnut Grove with the Ingalls. After being ruled now in the custody of Mr. Cooper, James and Cassandra were almost taken by Jed Cooper to his home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cassandra was the most upset of the two and ran out of the courtroom in anger and tears, saying that he had lied to them about giving her and her brother a choice.

Later, Cassandra broke down at home saying she now hated her uncle and would run away at the first opportunity. When Jed Cooper found out about his illness and the realization that he had made a selfish mistake, in going against the children's wishes. James and his sister remained with the Ingalls. She embraced her uncle again saying she loved him again. She and her brother then respected their uncle again and gave him love. (Episode 815: Uncle Jed) It is not known if she or her brother ever saw him again.

Cassandra and James no doubt followed the Ingalls family to Burr Oak, Iowa in the spring of 1887 after the Ingallses could no longer live in Walnut Grove, because there was no more work to be found there for him anymore. (Episode 901: Times Are Changing (Part 1))

Cassandra was very close to her adopted sister, Carrie Ingalls. She occasionally got into fights with Nancy Oleson, as was the case with many others.

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