Doctor Caleb Ledoux was introduced to Walnut Grove with much prejudice, beginning with Doctor Baker himself, followed shortly thereafter with Harriet Oleson.


Doctor Ledoux intent was to share a practice with Doctor. Baker, with whom he shares an office for the duration of his stay in Walnut Grove. His first patient was a horse, much to his dismay, feeling that prejudices against him being a black man are prominent in the town. His second patient was Cassandra Ingalls, who had scratched her arm playing baseball.

His third patient happened unexpectedly when Dr. Baker was detained elsewhere. Dr. Ledoux was eating dinner with the Ingalls when Nels Oleson came to summon Caroline to tend to Mrs. Sherman, a pregnant woman with a troubled pregnancy. Mr. Sherman stood in his way, but Charles punched him, allowing Caleb to do his work and successfully delivering the Sherman baby and saving the lives of both mother and child. Doctor Baker later apologized to Caleb for his racism and convinced Dr. Ledoux to stay in Walnut Grove. (Episode 804: Dark Sage)

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