Bill Anderson
Sam Edwards as Bill Anderson.png
Sam Edwards as Bill Anderson in "Welcome to Olesonville" in Season 9 (ep.#3).
Personal Information
Sex/Gender: Male
Born: ????
Died: ????
Family/Relatives: ????
Spouse (s): ????
Height 5'10"
Weight 155-160 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown, Greying
Eye Color: Blue
Job/Career: Banker
Series Information
Played by: Sam Edwards
Appeared on/in: Little House on the Prairie (TV series)
First episode appearance: "Welcome to Olesonville" (Season 9)
Last appeared in: N/A (one time appearance)

Bill Anderson was a friend of the Olesons and the Ingalls who appeared in a total of six episodes of Little House on the Prairie. The part of Bill was played by Sam Edwards, who first appeared on the series as a postman in the Season 5 episode "The Man Inside" (episode #4).

About Bill

In the episode "Welcome to Olesonville" in Season 9, Bill, who's the loan officer and president of the Walnut Grove Bank, tries to persuade fellow longtime Walnut Grove resident and friend Lem McCary (Lew Ayres), special in guest appearance), who's contemplating a run for town mayor, that Nels Oleson, as a businessman, would instead be the "perfect candidate" for mayor of Walnut Grove, as Lem winds up running against him.


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