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Personal Information
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: Shaggy Dog
Series Information
Appeared as: Jack
Appeared on/in: "Little House on the Prairie"
First episode appearance: "Little House on the Prairie: The Pilot"
Last appeared in: "401: Castoffs"


Barney was the dog who played Jack in Little House on the Prairie.

In the original book series, Jack was a bulldog. "But Michael Landon didn't care, he fell in love with Barney at first sight, Melissa Gilbert was crazy about him too."[1]

Barney's final appearance on the show was the first episode of Season 4 titled "Castoffs" where Laura found Jack dead in the barn. He was still seen running down the hill with Laura in the end credits through most of the series.

Barney also had a larger contract than some of the actors did on the show.[2]