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Annie painting in Walnut Grove.

Annie Crane was a girl who began losing her sight as an infant. She was abandoned at the age of two by her mother Marge. She was adopted by Helen and Sorrell Crane. When she lost all sight, she was placed in the blind school in Wanoka where Adam and later Mary Ingalls attended and taught at. She began to paint at an early age despite her blindness. She is discovered one day as an art collector passes through Walnut Grove. He invites Annie to Sleepy Eye and holds an exhibition of her paintings to get her recognized. Annie's name is put in the newspaper and circulated and Annie's real mother happens to read it and discovers that Annie is the daughter she abandoned years earlier. She desires to see Annie but Annie is mad that her mother abandoned her and refuses. Unbeknownst to Annie or her mother Marge, they are set up by others to meet after church in Walnut Grove. It is discovered the reason Marge left Annie was because she had gotten Scarlett Fever while she was pregnant with Annie and she was rapidly going blind herself. She couldn't take care of a newborn and left Annie to be taken care of by a family that could. Annie and Marge are reconciled when the truth comes out. Annie goes on to be a successful painter.

Behind the Scenes

Annie Crane was played by Madeleine Stowe.

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