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Andrew "Andy" Garvey is the son of Alice and Jonathan Garvey. After moving to Walnut Grove, Andy soon became friends with Laura Ingalls and the two had many adventures together; such as caring for a mother wolf and her babies and solving a series of burglaries in Walnut Grove. Andy left Walnut Grove with his parents, the Ingallses and the Olesons for a time and settled in Winoka. This is also where they met Albert, whom Andy became friends with as well.

Years later Andy's mother, Alice and Adam Kendall Jr. were killed in a fire at the blind school. This affected Andy and Jonathan deeply, and during this period Jonathan started drinking heavily prompting Andy to stay at the Ingalls home for a short time. Jonathan and Andy stayed in Walnut Grove after Alice died but eventually left the town and moved to the town of Sleepy Eye.

In Sleepy Eye, Andy and his father Johnathan set up a warehouse business.