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Alicia Sanderson Edwards is a recurring character who appeared in a total of 18 episodes of Little House on the Prairie from Season 2 to Season 8. The part of Alicia was played on the series by Kyle Richards.

About Alicia

Alicia was the adopted daughter of Grace and Isaiah Edwards. She stayed with Grace when Grace and Isaiah separated. Since everything that Alicia loves (her mom and her dad,) dies, its kind of hard to make her happy, but she is. Her first appearance is in Remember Me part 1 and 2 when Alicia’s mother Julia dies. After that Harriet Oleson’s cousin wanted to take in Alicia. But at the last minute newlyweds Grace and Isiah Edwards adopt her and her siblings.


Season 2
  1. "Episode 207: Remember Me (Part 1)" (Season opener)
  2. "Episode 208: Remember Me (Part 2)" (episode #2)
  3. "His Father's Son" (episode #12)
  4. "The Long Road Home" (episode #18)
  5. "Centennial" (episode #20)
  6. "Going Home" (episode #22)
Season 3
  1. "The Collection" (Season opener)
  2. "Journey in the Spring (Part 1)" (episode #6)
  3. "Journey in the Spring (Part 2)" (episode #7)
  4. "Blizzard" (episode #11)
  5. "I'll Ride the Wind" (episode #12)
  6. "Quarantine" (episode #13)
  7. "Little Women" (episode #14)
  8. "To Live With Fear (Part 1)" (episode #16)
  9. "Gold Country (Part 1)" (episode #21)
  10. "Gold Country (Part 2)" (episode #22)
Season 5
  1. "The Return of Mr. Edwards" (episode #8)
Season 8
  1. "A Promise to Keep" (episode #19)