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Adam Charles Holbrook Kendall Jr. was the only child of Mary and Adam Kendall.


Adam was born at the Harriet Oleson School for the Blind. Grandpa Holbrook was visiting the family at this time. He held him in his arms briefly and kissed him on the forehead afterwards. (Episode 611: Author! Author!) When the school was briefly invaded by a band of escaped convicts, Adam was in his crib at the time but he came to no harm. (Episode 616: Darkness is My Friend) When he was still very young, he died in a fire at the blind school. Alice Garvey attempted to save Adam and herself but panicked and was then trapped, she then tried to escape out the window but was burned to death by the fire with the baby. His mother Mary soon fell into a trance-like state after his death, despondent without him. (Episode 618: May We Make Them Proud (Part 1)



  • Adam Kendall Jr. was one of the character not originally from the book series/real life.
    • In real life, Mary never married nor had children.